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The Austrian Archive for Exile Studies

Jakov Lind, "Wanderjahre", water colour, from the 1970s

Founded in 1993, the Austrian Archive for Exile Studies is part of the documentation centre for modern Austrian literature. The Archive documents the life and work of Austrian writers and other cultural figures who have been living in exile and emigration since 1933 or 1938. The Archives and Library focus on literature, theatre, journalism, music, art, cultural studies and the history of publishing. The Austrian Archive for Exile Studies is a place where researchers, journalists, students, people with specific interests, as well as the authors themselves, their families and descendants can work and gather information.

The Austrian Archive for Exile Studies presents its work in the public sphere by means of: a series of events held in the Archive, guided tours, conferences, exhibitions, and publications.

Click here to learn about the Archive's history or to view selected literature about the Austrian Archive for Exile Studies.

In 2004, the work of the Austrian Archive for Exile Studies was honoured with an award from the Dr. Karl Renner Foundation of the City of Vienna.

Our work is supported by the Friends of the Austrian Archive for Exile Studies.

MMag. Veronika Zwerger (Leiterin)
Tel.: +43/(0)1/526 20 44-39

Claudia Geringer
Tel.: +43/(0)1/526 20 44-20

Fax: +43/(0)1/526 20 44-30
E-Mail: exilbibliothek(at)literaturhaus.at

Österreichische Exilbibliothek im Literaturhaus
Seidengasse 13, A-1070 Wien

Opening Hours: Monday and Wednesday 10:00-15:00 and on appointment.



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